I think I found myself a new blog to read. Excerpt from Poker Crack (www.JonnyVincent.com)

As I like to do on the first of each month, I spent an hour or so this morning calculating my net worth to get a figure of the damage or awesomeness of my previous month’s exploits. I had the worst month of my life in January, losing around 41k. The first week of February was more of the same – I was ready to give up poker and go live in Philippines and live in a shack somewhere with no internet. At one stage I was down about 55k in 2007. Around this point, a friend asked me how I deal with downswings. I told him I cry a lot, drink a lot, party a lot, and attempt to sleep with immoral women. At the end of February, I realised I deal with upswings in exactly the same way, perhaps just with less crying.

I think it was the “perhaps just with less crying” that hooked me.

Thank you Keenan for correcting my evil linking ways

“Keenan” (2:52:28 PM): i’m not sure you got that link right on your blog
Edna Jones (2:50:46 PM): johnnyvincent?
“Keenan” (2:52:48 PM): yeah
“Keenan” (2:52:55 PM): leads to a page “underconstruction”
Edna Jones (2:52:07 PM): i think there may be only one N in John(n)y
Edna Jones (2:52:39 PM): ah har, two N’s, no H
“Keenan” (2:54:35 PM): ahhhhhh