Tight Andrew was at the game last Wednesday, and he was pretty much on a free-roll. The Thursday before xmas I did all but gift wrap $700 and give it to him before I left the Fish Tank. He flopped the nut skrait in the $1/$3 NL game and I had a (dead) double-gutted straight draw and a flush draw. I c/r’d his flop bet, he three-bet, and I moved in for $700.

The audacity to call… with the nuts…

So anyway, he’s stuck a couple bucks, damned near even at the $1/$2 NL at our place, and he’s a degenerate like the rest of us. I ask him if he wants to play some heads-up poque now that everyone else has gone home.

Sure, why the hell not? Well Trav, it seems like you’ve fucked off your stack to the point where you’ve only got $60 in front of you…

So I let him cash out all his chips, ‘cept for $60, and we decided up on $2/$4 stakes, mixed games. First game we played, 2-7 TD Lowball.

I’m a new student to the Lowball game, but I’m liking it.

Heads-up, I’m rather beastly. I can’t remember if I completely wiped out his first $60 in Triple-draw, or if it was more of a beating he took in the next game… but I do remember we eventually switched to Stud H/L8… heads-up.

The hardest part about playing was dealing. Pain in the ass. But it was fun. I was running him over. My check/fold button was practically broken.

Except for a gruesome two-outer I laid down on him one hand when he only had one bet left on sixth street, I was just punishing him, either having the best hand the whole way, or the strongest draw, or just watching him fold.

Next thing I know, Andrew’s into the heads-up match for alot more than the $1/$2 NL game.

But like I said, free-roll mostly.

So then we switch to $2/$4 Shanghai. Shanghai is a game like Hold ‘Em, except the flop is only two cards, and the turn is two cards instead of one. River still just one card. You get bored, try a couple of practice hands, interesting. Plays oddly enough heads-up, wonder how it’d be in a full-ring or six-handed scenario.

So thennnnnnnnnnnnnn… we end up playing $2/$4 LO8.

And he starts whooping my ass.

On a few hands.

But then I look down at my cards, and I say, “wow, I can’t wait to see how you’re gonna scoop me in this one.”

I’ve got AA24, suited in hearts, I flop nut set of aces, turn put broadway out there, but he doesn’t have it, but I pick up the heart draw, so I don’t care if he’s got it, and I river 2nd nut low.

Yeah, half-decent hand.

We’re about even in terms of Omaha Pots, and we decide to play 10-in-your-hand Gin.

But he’s never played Gin before, atleast, not in a long time. That’s OK, quick description of the rules, the fact that game is to 100pts, and he agrees to play $1 / point.

Reminder: I practically handed him $700 a week prior, so I have no remorse about playing Gin with him.

He had $93 in chips in front of him before we played Gin.

I beat him by 92 points.

He’s got one shiny dollar chip in front of him, I’m $37s shy of even for the night (I was in $350, ran that $60 back up to $313)…

And Andrew says, “One more game of Gin?”

… OK.

About four hands in, we’re neck-and-neck, and our necks are weaving, atleast mine. I had been awake since Weds morning, and we were creeping up on 2pm Thursday afternoon, maybe closer to 3pm.

“Call it a draw?” I practically begged.


Wished him well and sent him out the door. Spent the next 20 minutes or so doing some Calculus and took my ass to bed before heading off to Steve’s $1/$3 NL.