Last Friday I went over to E-Honda‘s PINK $5/$10 POE game. I haven’t had a chance to sit in that game for ages. Been about or month or so.

Usually, Nelly or I deal the game while the other plays it. Nelly got lucky the past couple games and tricked me into dealing, and then this past Friday, she went to an Oddzar show in Chlamydiamore. With her at the show, I was looking at yet another week of dealing instead of playing. Well damnit, that just would not work. I tricked Meyoung into dealing the game, and got myself a seat.

It looked bleak early on in the week leading up to the game. For a minute, it was just me, Rocco the Guinea, Scooter, and Katie “it’s the quiet ones you have to worry about” c2d2. Of course that Fish E-Honda was gonna play, too… but it sure would be nice to fill it up a little bit, ya think?

Eventually Keenan’s friends Eric and David also signed up. Good guys, but they’re not generally accustomed to laying out $300-$500 and getting their gambooool on. Eric showed us what was up, and David did OK for himself in the end.

Game is about to start, and we’re almost ready to do battle:

1 – Eric. Tight as a fucking drum. Very dry sense of humor to the point where you think he’s being a dick but he’s actually just that funny.

2 – David. Aggressive to the point of suicide. He’s a big of fan of… “why’d you bet… I still have cards, I’m gonna raise…”

3 – Katie. She’s starting to get the hang of this whole PINK thing… but she’s been known to play a few hands, er, um… backwards. [ likes to fold top-set on the turn to one bet in yamaha ]

4 – Scooooooter. Need I say more? Lately he’s been outright destroying the pinkness. Last week when we had it at our place we all thought he’d lost his touch. He was in the game for two racks and got down to just over one stack of chips. From those 24 chips, he ran it right back up to right around a five-rack cash-out.

5 – Pops. You’ll almost never hear him say on the river “Damnit… I would’ve gotten there if I had just stayed in.” It’s not because he’s reserved and tight, it’s because he almost NEVER folds. Somehow, he’s been making money at this game. He’s a machine. Last week he bought in for a rack and ran it up to almost six racks without a rebuy. He gave some back and cashed out happy as hell with four racks in front of him.

6 – [ Vacant to start???]

7 – Rocco. In the beginning phases of the pinkness, we all bowed down to the great one we knew as Rocco. Lately, he’s the one doing the bending over. And he’s taking it right up the ass, no lube or nothing.

8 – The Easter Bunny. (E-Honda) The King of the Rake Back Program. He knows how to play, but refuses to do so.

9 – This fish. I’ve come to realize that when I fold the bad hands and play the good ones, I tend to make a little bit of money. Imagine that? It’s just so damned tempting to play bad when you’re sitting in this game!

10 – [ Vacant to start ]