To summarize:
Up $1020 at E’s $1/$2 NL.
Up $300 at Zack’s $1/$3 NL (after getting stuck $850)
Ran our Wednesday game, I think I put like $23 in my pocket thanx to $810 in unpaid board… broke ass bamas…
Up $345 at Seve’s $1/$3 NL (after getting stuck $425)

One of my favorite hands of the week that made a pretty big difference in the outcome…

Last hand of the night at Steve’s. Wayno’s got close to $1500 in front of him, Haga’s got around $1K, Erik (Slickster) has got maybe $275, I’m sitting around $350, Steve’s got around $1200. Wayne posts sb, Haga bb, Erik’s got the $6 rock. I limp. Steve Limps, we all see the flop for $6.

6d7dTh. Wayne checks, Haga bets $22 into $30. Erik folds. I hesitate. I’m pretty sure Haga likes his hand… but how much? I finally make it $88.

Folds back to Rob, and without much hesitation, he pushes on my ass!

Yes sir, I call. He turns up a monster, AdTd – top pair w/ nut flush draw.

Turn is like the 9c… river, Ah.

I hope he didn’t think that Ace helped him. I showed him my 98o, flopped nuts. He doubled me for a good $350 that hand, and the game broke.

I’ve got more to talk about, but I’ve got to head over to Steve’s, we’re gonna hit up Dmitri’s sick $2/$5 NL. Rumor I heard was min/max buy is $300 to $1K.