Oh yeah, so anyway, I started rambling about Saturday Night and E’s $1/$2 NL. Very first to cards I’m dealt, there’s a live $4 straddle, I enter the game in middle position, Slickster limps, I make it $10. Anthony the Magician makes it $40. Folds around to Erik, he limp-calls the $40. The hell is going on here? OK, hee haw I caw.

Flop is 6c5d2c. Slick bets out $70 into $127. Boo. I only started with $200, and I’m looking at a $160 stack with what would be a $267 pot if I just call. Blech, I fold.

Anthony instamucks.

Fold. Fold. Fold. Fold. Maybe an orbit-and-a-half later, I’m in the bb. Patrick makes it $6 UTG. Steve calls. I top off the bb, we see a flop of QJxr. I check, Patrick bets $15 into $19. Boo. Steve folds. I ride the wave of the future, and check/call.

Turn, K. Double boo. I c/c $20. River, a 2nd yack. I shady-check. Patrick checks behind. His AK got there on the turn. Holy shit, the kid IS capable of a continuation bet. I play so bad, if I just c/r the flop like I’m spota, I probably win the pot right there.

So I’ve only played two hands, and I’m already dwindled down to $114. “E, gimme another nifty, please.”

Fold. Fold. Fold. Fold. Give away some money making bad decisions/missing flops. Fold. Fold. Fold.

I’m on the button, there’s a few other limpers. I limp. The magician makes it $15 out of the bb. One caller before me, I follow suit, three of us to the flop with a little over $50 out there. Flop comes down something like face card of hearts, 8h, 5s. two checks to me. He comes the c/r, I can feel it. Fug it. $35 into $50 is me wager. Anthony now decides to ride the wave of the future and he chooses to c/c.

Turn is the duck of hearts. He leads out $40 or $60 into what has somehow become a pot worth winning. I play so bad that I’ve only got less than $60 behind to push with I push, he grumbles. He says something about not noticing “how small” my stack was. And shows 74o, and folds to the all-in.


On the bad nights, you remember that one hand where you started playing very poorly, and just let all your chips slip away. On the monsters, you remember that one pot you won and never had to look back from.

Fold. Fold. Fold. Patiently waiting for a monster. Ah, finally. Limp.

A good orbit or three after I won that last pot, it limps to Devin’s sb. He makes it $16 out of the blinds. Three of us see a flop of 6d3d6c. Two checks to me. $35 into $50 almost worked last time, didn’t it?

There’s that wave again, Devin c/c’s. Turn card, 6d3d6c 4s. Devin now c/c’s a $60 bet from me. The hell is this kid doing? Pot has now approached $240. River, 6d3d6c 4s Jc. Now Devin decides to come alive and he says “Hundred” and slams those chips into the pot like he’s bitch-slapping the felt. I whole-heartedly sigh, ship it for $41 more. I’m no longer sighing when he says “fuck.”

“What is it? $41 more? Fuck. I call, I got Ace high.” I think it was AK w/ only one diamond, not sure.

But yeah, MHIG. I think I owe SuperDave a dollar. (6h4h).

So now we’ve got some chips to play with! Little over $500 in front and only in the game for $250, let’s try to not get stupid!

(Still haven’t explained that out of body experience thing… but I’ve got to drive home real quick…)