Christian talked me into going up to Atlantic City. Yes, he dragged me, kicking and screaming all the way up there. But before we went, we stopped at The SHOP for a little $1/$2 NL action before hand. Everything was going fine. I bought in for $200 and before I knew it was sitting on around $400. I tried to get cute and it backfired.

Mary c/r’d me for her stack on the turn this one hand where I raised pf and bet the flop and turn. After she stuck her stack out there, I decided I should look at my cards for once. Crap, I made a trap hand. I had AJ for a pair of aces with a yack kicker, but the turn brought a non-flushy, non-straightening ten. I was 90% sure she tagged two-pair on my dumb ass, but I called anyway. With three outs.

Yep, AT goot. Nice hand. Time to go on tilt. I still had a good $200 or so in front of me, but I felt like playing bad, so I did.

So then I rebuy. And ship it again. This was getting old, how was I gonna make it to AC? Aight, one more.

I wound up stuck in the game for about $550 or so, and then Neale shows up and sits on my immediate left. I’ve got about $200 in front of me and he covers. Two or three people limp to my small blind, I top it off, Neale makes it $6 more. It was either heads-up or three of us to the flop. I bet out like $15 on a Q88r flop, and Neale just called. Turn card rolled off Q888. I again bet and Neale just called. River, an Ace.

Little math here… $8 x 2 (or was it 3) players to the flop is roughly $20 or $25 pre-flop in the pot, another $45 from each of us post flop, so the pot is sitting somewhere around $110 or $115.

OK, “I’m all in.” About $152. Slight overbet.

Neale calls. He called the flop and turn with AJ no pair, slim draw. But he rivers a full house! A full house is good hand. Until you run into quads.

He calls and I show him 86o. Christian had already said he wanted to leave around 1930 and it was coming up quick. I was lucky enough to “only” be stuck about $100 in the game, so not more than 40 minutes after my quads, we were on our way out the door.

We got to AC around 2230/2300 Sat night, and I had about $700 on me on the way up there. What a roller coaster, more to follow on the AC Trip.