E-Honda was dealing yet another game in the local area, and I decided to support him once again by filling a seat. Fish Tank Steve called me up while I was wheel watching and asked if I wanted to grab a ride from him to Zack and Sean’s game up the street.

I’m not one to turn down a ride, and before I knew it, he was knocking on my door, ready to roll.

Steve and I got to the game before E even showed up. Bert was there to deal the early shift, and a player new to me, Ty, was up in the loft waiting to play. Steve recognized Ty, but I hadn’t played with him before.

I like to sit at the ends of the table, the outside of the oval, so I can pretty much see everyone while the hand is devoloping. I usually opt for the two, three, eight, or nine seat. Ty was in the eight, I took the nine, Steve grabbed the six. Tight Andrew was also present for the opening of the game, he started off in the four. After a good 15 to 20 minutes of down time, these two yutes rolled up to the table. I’m talking young. Like, check that kid’s ID before you let him into the R-Rated movie young.

The one kid, Alex, took the five, and his buddy grabbed the three. Zack sat in the ten and we got the game rolling.

$1/$3 NL is an odd creature. It’s only $1 more / round in blinds than $1/$2 NL, but the pots are exponentially bigger with limpers. And limpers were abound. Early on, I thought I was gonna double through when the flop came Q53r and Ty bet $12 into a five-way limped pot. I took it up to $30 and he just called. Turn card paired the fives and offered up a spade draw. Ty bet $30 into me, and I shipped it for maybe $80 or so more. He says “You got the five? I call.” I thought he said something about him having a five, but that didn’t make sense with as tight as he’d been playing in just the first twenty hands I’d seen him go through.

Sure enough, we both have AQo, chop it up.

Better than loosing to a free-rolling AsQs on the river.

Not long into the game and Big John and his wife Tammy showed up. I haven’t seen Tammy at home game since the way-back days. John settled into the one, and tammy took the seven. Within the hour Rock showed up with Kenny taking the two and four seats, respectively. Tight Andrew busted out soon after they arrived so Kenny could take his seat.

Don’t worry, we sent a text to Pops’ as soon as Rock showed up. But since Zack’s not a member of the circle of trust, there was little we could do to keep him from playing.

I started the night off with a relatively short $160 buy-in. The range is $80 to to a full rack of red ($500). Most players came in for anywhere from $140 to $300 and even $400. I had my stack up over two and a quarter for a little while, then I got sloppy, and I found myself down to just-about even.

I raised pf one hand and got atleast four callers. sb checked and Steve led $30 from the bb into a ~$45 pot on a 5h3d2h board. I popped it up to $75, and only the two of us saw the turn. Turn was something like 5h3d2h 9c. Steve checked, I shipped it for my remaining $63. Steve hesitated, finally he called. Once he finally put his money in the pot, I said “I fropa nut.”

I guess I owe Superdave $1 for flopping the nuts with his fav hand, 64. But I refuse to pay it. I asked Steve “You got any outs? Set, two-pair, frush draw?”

He turns of 5s4s just in time to a three-out-to-a-chop heart six roll off on the river. Bah. Better to chop it than lose my stack. But damnit.

He tells me “I thought you had an over pair, thought I had 13 outs.” I replied, “I know, you’re spota think that.”

Nothing dramatic happens, but this Alex kid has been running goot all night long, having his big pairs hold up on scary boards, and just never folding the best hand, even though it’s easily beaten. The table hasn’t seen a ton of action, and E is getting antsy, so he begs me to straddle. Alright you fucking rat bastard, I know I’ma lose a hunnert this hand, but here, live $6.

Moral of the story, I lose about $52 in the hand playing KTo out of position on a KJ5r flop, nine on the turn. I c/r’d the flop, but enough to make it right for Steve to fold after John called my c/r. I just check-folded to Steve’s $60 bet on the turn.

So now I’m mad at E for costing me $52.

It very well could’ve been the very next hand, but it might’ve been a full round later, when Alex makes it $12 pf when I’m in the bb. Tammy has two cards on the button, so she almost definitely called. I’m pissed about the $52 and feel like playing bad, possibly doubling through Alex if I hit a lucky flop (or turn, or river).

Three of us to a QcTc9h flop. I check, Alex bets $20 into $40. Tammy calls, I have my four reds in the pot before Tammy’s mucked cards hit the felt. Turn is QcTc9h 2s. I check, Alex bets $33 into $80, and c/r him to $99. He’s obviously confused, and obviously not holding better than QJ. I thought about shipping the river dark, but with $110 behind, and only in the game for $160, I figured I’d make sure it wasn’t some dumb counterfitting type card. River rolls off QcTc9h 2s Ad. I ship my stack in.

The kid thinks he’s making this brilliant read, counts out $110 in red, levitates it, and crosses that magical line and places his chips towards the pot. I flip up my 9s2c and say “Just Nines up.”

Then the kid tries to act like it wasn’t a call. He didn’t make a big deal, but he obviously was sick to be putting the chips in there.

I kicked E a $10 tip for the suckout, and was now sitting on around $475.

Edna Jones (4:19:55 AM): you should just flat-fold next time you flop bottom two on a flush board
“Ricky Bobby” (4:20:11 AM): lol yea no shit
Edna Jones (4:20:50 AM): I put the kaybosh on this idiot kid tonight with bottom two
“Ricky Bobby” (4:21:05 AM): lol really
Edna Jones (4:21:08 AM): you’ll ready about it in my blog.

Alex showed his KQo, top-pair with a gutterball on the flop. He told me called the turn c/r and river all-in because he put me on QJ. I said “Atleast you put me on a hand you could beat. Usually people will say something dumb and say they thought they were beat but called anyway.”

He was talking to himself for quite some time after that hand.

I fucked around after I got a decent stack and see-sawed from as high as $725 to as low as $550. I courtesy-doubled Tammy a couple times, first without looking at my cards, second time was the very next hand when she shipped it and I looked down to AQo.

I got pretty lucky against Kendrick one hand. He made it $15 UTG and got atleast two callers before it got to me. I called, and five of us saw the flop of Ah9dXx. I think that third card was a non-flushy four or something. Kenny led out $50, and with Rock in the sb, I was skeptical, but still raised to a buck and a quarter to be sure I was where I wanted to be.

Turn rolled of a non-diamond eight, and Kendrick checked. I pulled the ol’ “same bet” and slid another $125 stack into the pot. Kenny called, with the quickness.

I shouldacouldawoulda took Kenny’s stack on the river when a tiny little non-broadway non-pairing non-flushy card came on the river. But after he checked, I felt the pot was big enough, and I was prepared to see his AQ lose to my AdKd.

It did.

He had roughly $175 left, but greed is a mother fucker, remember that. I got greedy once on the river, only to pay-off a suckout. Rarely has happened since.

After donking it up towards the end of the night, Steve was ready to roll out and against my general state of mind, I decided to roll with him, breaking the game. I finished just over $400 ahead with a $570 stack at the end of the night. Not too bad for seven or so hours.

Tomorrow night it’s off to Union Jack’s in Bethesda for the $0+$0 Donkament followed by our Wednesday Night $1/$2 NL game. Last I checked, we had nine of the ten seats locked as early as last Friday. Should be a good game.