Appearantly breaks are healthy. As previously mentioned, I destroyed Pops’ $1/$2 NL for $1K two Saturdays ago. I picked up just under $300 at Steve’s $2/$5 NL on Thursday. Sunday night, Ricky Bobby scooped me up and we went to Encore and Bill’s $1/$2 NL game in College Park that E-Honda was dealing.

I only bought in for $200, but as I looked around, it wasn’t unreasonable. Few players had more that $200, and those that did weren’t gambling it up, just playing well, from what I could tell. I played well enough to get my stack up to $300, then got into a few bad hands and found myself beat down to around $145.

I caught a few lucky hands, and next thing I knew I was on the up-and-up again. A player I recognized from Steve’s first $2/$5 NL game, Rico, was playing pretty tight most of the night. It limped to my button, and I raised, Rico and Zack called, flop came out 9h7d6h. Checked to me, I bet $12 into ~$26, and only Rico called. Turn was 9h7d6h5d. Rico checked and I fired out nifty. He c/r’d all-in for atleast $90 more. I insta-called, he says “I got a lot of outs.” I’m thinking he’s got a lot fewer that he may be counting. I fropa nut with the Nelly (T8). He’s got Kd9d, top pair w/ the King-High frush draw. Against an over pair, sure, he’s got outs. But when the Qh rolled off on the river, I took down the pot.

To mine and E’s surprise (and some of you I’m sure) none other than Millionaire Alex walks through the door to play. I got paid by him on a few lucky hands. His friend Dmitri was a bit on tilt towards the end of the night. When we were about five or seven handed it limped to Dmitri’s bb and he made it like $9 or $11 pf. Flop came out 766, and he led $26. I pondered. E reminded me it was on me. I made it $65. Dmitri tells me repeatedly that I’ve got none of that flop, and he eventually tells me he laid down AJo.

Not three hands later, limped pot, 5d5c8c flop. I bet like $3 into $6, and Dmitri pops it $15. I called, and checked the non-club/non-eight turn. He bet a quarter, and I said “raise…” Finally decided on $68 straight, and tossed the $8 in before completing the sixty with it. He just called. River came on a non-flushy four, and grabbed a $100 stack o’ $5 checkers and put it straight into the pot. He damn-near insta-called so I could show him 54 boat.

He shipped it a few hands later to Zack, and the game was coming to an end.

The whole night long, I really only played two hands poorly that stick out in my mind (and my wallet). In the end, I still finished a good $370 ahead, and might’ve even gained a player or two out of the deal.

Gotta take the dog to the vet in just under six hours. With some luck, I’ll catch a decent nap before hand, and be at Zack’s Monday game to maybe make a little more money.

And for the record, television, at 0635 on a Monday morning, is terrible. Especially Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Nap time.