Keenan, Nelly, and I went over to E-Honda’s Pink $5/$10 HOE game last night. Rocco was there in the two seat, Nelly took the three, Keenan on her left in the four, Christian (Ohm2k) in the seven, and E was in the nine. I sat my ass in the box and dealt for the first couple hours. After a good half hour or so, Anne showed up and took the five seat.

The deck was hitting Rocco over the head, and he was playing well to make matters even worse for his opponents. At one point, Keenan got all Jeff Blevins and looked like he was gonna go hang himself from the nearest tree. Instead of allowing him to perform a self-lynching, I asked him if he wanted to deal, I’d play. He agreed, and I bought into the game for a rack of pink ($250).

I came into the game in the ten seat during the Hold ‘Em round and folded my first hand UTG+1. Second hand at the table I raised UTG and they all started saying things like “Trav’s in the game, pots are gonna all get big now.” E was sitting out, so Anne was in the sb and Christian in the bb. The three of us saw a T54r flop, and after Anne checked, Christian bet. I called, and I can’t remember if Anne stayed in or not. Turn card paired the fives, and I think there was still no flush draw out there. Christian predictably bet again, and this time I popped it up. He opted to only call, and then checked an irrelevant river… something like T54 5 6. I bet, and after a decent 15 to 25 seconds of deliberation, he called, and I showed him two black queens. He mucked.

I let myself get scooped in a few Stud H/L hands, but one where I did the scooping was three people to fourth with Keenan and I each showing two cards for lo. I did some cautious check/calling but on the river, I made what I was fairly certain to be a value bet. Keenan called, and after he called so quickly, I thought it was a stupid bet, until I found out my 8542A beat his 87xxx lo, and My AJ high beat his unpaired cards. Lucky enough to scoop another decent pot.

Sadly enough, the game broke very early due to Big John and JacJr fakin’ like they were gonna come out, and never showing. The Friday night games are awesome, but it’s hard to convince new people that it’s really fun to play, and usually cheaper than a bad run at a $1/$2 NL table.

With luck, it’ll go strong again next week. Scooter should be back from Hawaii and maybe Devo will be out of his funk and looking to play again, too. If Pops can make money in this game, anyone can.