Game got short around 0130 on Wednesday night. Most of the money had left, and the few remaining players didn’t want to keep playing $1/$2 NL, but they didn’t want to go home either.

So we switched it up to $2/$4 limit, Dealer’s Choice. I bought in for $90 and Nelly played a few hands before going to bed. Blue was on my left, and then there was E-Honda, Gypsy Pete, Pops, Anne, and Superdave.

E grumbled and whined like a little girl when we mentioned the words “Dealer’s Choice.” He tends to fishalicious at Dealer’s Choice and often donks away most of chips ’cause it’s just so easy to call when it’s only $2 and $4.

We quickly brutalized E’s stack and I begged him to hop in the box so I wouldn’t have to deal. I got to relax, and he got to make some money back so he could break even for the night.

Of all people, I was probably playing the tightest. Gasp! Yes, shocking as it is, I was playing pretty tight. We played mostly Omaha Hi, Omaha H/L8, Stud Hi, Stud H/L8, and Badoogi.

I played uber tight in the ‘doogi rounds. I correctly laid down a couple dealt-to doogi’s after Anne drew and stood pat, and then bet. Saved quite a few bets. I rarely took the first draw unless I had a very strong starter.

I got pretty lucky in the Omaha H/L, hardly saw 4th Street in any of the Stud8 games, even though it was my choice to play the game.

At one point I had my stack hovering around $300 for a $200+ profit. I gave back a little of it, and finished the night out with about a $165 win. [[ In a $2/$4 Limit game!]]

It was much needed to say the least. Not just for the money, but just to get my head right. As you will read, or have read already, I’ve been getting my ass kicked lately.