I’m not a very religious person. I went to church this past Mother’s Day, and it was my first time to church since USAF Basic Training back in the winter of 2001. I grew up in the sticks in “downtown” Earlville, PA. Not sure if you can notice from the map, but it’s not exactly crowded with streets. They didn’t even build all of them. If you zoom in all the way, you’ll see that I grew up on Third Street. Just south of that is Fourth Street. Logically, Second would be north of it. But, no… that would be too easy. North of Third St is First St. Why? Because they never built Second Street.

Ok, not very exciting… but I think I had a point to describing the topography of my younger years. Oh yeah, just across that highway, there is a Deleware Valley Christian Camp called Camp Manatawny. The word Manatawny is a Lena Lenape word meaning “Where we meet to drink.” But more on the drinking by the Manatawny at another time. [sneak peek].

What the hell is wrong with me. I can’t tell a fluent story.

Anyway – Camp Manatawny. Good times, great oldies, the hits just kept on coming. My parents loved getting rid of me for one week out of the summer, even though it was just a little over a mile away. Closest I ever got to the big man upstairs was at this camp. I was even baptised in the swimming pool. Sophomore year of High School I was going to church on Sundays, youth group on Wednesdays, all that fun stuff. Why? Because I was dating a girl from Church Camp, of course. Most things men do in life are for money, women, or beer. Remember that.

After breaking up with the girl, wasn’t much more church in my future. But how did I get to this rambling… oh yeah, THURSDAY is our day of rest now. After running the game all night long on a Wednesday night, we’re pretty much zombies on a Thursday. Good luck getting either one of us to do more than light a cigarette or play Guitar Hero.

Speaking of Guitar Hero, we got E hooked on it yesterday. All he could say all night during the Weds Night game was “I can’t wait to get to Funcoland and buy me a Guitar.”