Went to Pops’ game on Saturday. I played the winning combination of somewhere between tight and having the deck smack you in the head. I bought in for $200 and never looked back.

I ran my stack little by little, didn’t take many risks. There was one Ace high flop with about four people in the pot where it checked to me and I bet $6 trying to pick up the $8 pot. PunxJunx called, and I was pretty sure he check-called an ace. I caught runner-runner two pair with my KJ, and overbet the river and got a call.

Few orbits later, Ohm2k made it $8 UTG, Mikey called, as did I, trying to suck out. Flop came AAx, he bet, we both folded, he showed KK. He wins. An orbit or two later he’s in MP and makes it $12. I haven’t looked at my cards yet and I say “What happened to $8?” One caller, I look down at my cards and make it $40 from the bb. He makes it $100. I ask Nelly (the dealer) “I owe $60?” I grab my $125 high red chips, matched next to $25 high whites and put them into the pot saying “make him owe $90.” Christian just calls, I blind-bang my remaining $55. He’s got KK, my AA holds up, and I tag an Ace on the river for aces full, just to be cute. This hand later qualifies for the $50 high-hand bonus at 0200 the next morning.

As I’m stacking up the checkers from the AA vs KK pot, I have 44 in the sb, new guy makes it $15, I call, Alex is in the bb, makes it $50, raiser calls. Yuck. I don’t want to get involved, so I fold. I would’ve flopped a set on a 954r flop. Alex flat-bangs the flop h/u, raiser says he has JJ, folds, Alex shows his QQ. Right fold at the time, sort of. Ah well.

I’m sitting on about $700 and still playing pretty tight. I’ve picked up the rock and five people limp to me. I look down at JJ and pop it for $30 more. New guy limp-calls $30 more, and I’m confused. Flop is beautiful for JJ… KQx. Checks down to the river, he shows KJo. Boo.

So now I’ve decided that I’m coming after this kid when I get a chance. He makes it $15 pf and I call dark from late position. Heads up to a 579r (one heart) flop. He bet $20 into ~$33. I look down, first card I see provides me with a gut-shot, second card gives me a capper, and I’ve got a back door heart draw. I call with Th6h, and the turn is an eight. I’ve got the 2nd nuts, he checks, I bet about $40, he calls. Weird. River is an ace… which I think killed my action. He checks, I bet about $50, he folded. I showed him the ten.

Bink showed up and snapped off Alex soon after getting into the game. He was sitting on well over $600 pretty early. He made it $12 pf and re-raised to about $30. PokerJoJo called from the blinds, as did Bink. Flop was Q52, two little spades, and JoJo banged his last $46 into the pot. Bink flat-called. I said “$196.”

Bink’s facing a $225+ pot with a $150 raise, and after minimal deliberation… he calls! Turn is a non-spade and he checks. I go all in, and after he thinks for a little bit I actually show him my set of Queens. I’m pretty positive he’s flush drawing, but the turn put a wheel-draw out there… and if he’s got the nut frush draw, he’s got a wheel-draw, too. He finally shows KsTs, and mucks it. PokerJoJo’s got AQ, dead to the gut-shot, and he doesn’t get there.

Not an orbit or two later, Bink makes it $12, I make it $30 pf. New guys calls out of the sb, as does Bink. Flop is Jhigh, checks to me, I bet $45 into $90. Bink shows his 33, I show my Aces, I win the pot.

I just kept playing pretty tight and not getting sucked out on. Next thing I know, I’ve got over $1100 in my stack (from a $200 buy-in).

Gypsy Pete showed up a little late, and he finally got a seat. He made it $4 and I made it $6 pf. We got a bunch of callers and flop came down T73, two clubs. He bet about $18 into … ? $36ish. I grabbed two green and four white, tossed ’em into the pot. Nelly was dealing and at first thought it was a call. Comes back to Pete, she realizes that I three-bet him, tells him, and he calls.

Turn is some club, puts three of ’em out there, he checks, I didn’t know exactly how much he had left, so I said “I’m all-in.” I don’t usually over-bet a pot, but in this case I did, accidentally. Pete had a little over $350 in his stack. I thought for sure he didn’t have more than $150. Oops.

Dude had flopped top-two pair and just called my bet on the flop. I made my flush on the turn, and he missed his four-outer going to the river. Neat.

Not too many dramatic hands other than those mentioned above, but by 0500 I had $2200 in front of me. I gave back about $230 before the game broke at 0630. When it broke I paid my $200 board, paid $200 for money I loaned to Jefferson to get back into the game, and I gave Alex the last $400 that I owed him. I grabbed $30 out of my pocket and cashed out for $1200 profit (with Jeff owing me $200).

All things considered, I was very happy with the way I played and the end result. I’d like to head up to AC on Monday, but Nelly insists that I’m not allowed. There’s always next weekend…