When I said a couple of zzzzz’s, I wasn’t kidding. I got up to the room around 9AM, and the tournament started at 11AM. Nelly had us out the door by 1015. She got situated, and I went down to play $1/$2 NL. Table was the opposite of the previous night’s Trop table. Avg stack was well over $600. Big raises pre-flop were getting callers, sometimes multiple callers. I decided to wait for a good hand before getting involved.

I flopped trips out of the bb, turned a boat, made a couple of dollar off the sb, didn’t ask to see his hand. Made another boat not long after, and all of the sudden, I was the guy who only bet when he had something.

Two to my left raised to $8 after I had limped UTG. Guy on his left made it $20, and two people called before it got to me. I called, $8 guy opted to just call. Flop is KK8, two suited cards. I led out $75 into $100, and $8 guy just called. Turn… don’t remember… think it was a random seven. I bet out like $125 or something. Dude called!

I was confused, so I said, I check-dark. Eights paired on the river. We chop. He’s got K9. He couldn’t believe I was betting the shit out of the best hand. I finally decided that hey, atleast the river wasn’t his boat with the nine.

Long story short, I get my $200 buy-in up to $1350 without too much effort. Nothing to fancy, just playing right and getting paid.

Then Superdave sits at my $1/$2 NL table. The bastard. I should’ve taken that as an excuse to bounce with the big stack. But I stay and play anyway.

I’m a little fatigued, but I don’t get hurt too bad. Next thing I know, Dave obviously has AA, and new guy on my right is obviously an idiot. Somehow 36o gets there on the river after flopping second pair, no re-draw against an ovbious over pair.

Four hands later, same kid gets aces, he’s not really hiding them, he flops a set on an all-diamond board. I thought he had AK or something that could fold to an all-diamond board. I bet the everlovingshit out of my diamond draw. He called with his set, my diamonds didn’t get there, and I double him up, it cost me atleast $450.

Kid grabs racks and bounces immediately after that hand.

I almost puked.

I had bought in for $200, and I ran it up to $1350, before going back down to $200. I got up to $300 and left the table. Tried to find Nelly. She just bubbled out of the $500+$60. She had yacks, raised pf, donkey big stack pushed, had her covered. She decided to race. And he won the race with AK. Bottom money was $900, first place was well over $30K. She went out 30th, they paid 27. Boooooo.

I moved to $2/$5 NL with my $300. I had only played $2/$5NL in the casinos once or thrice before, never for a long time.

Not ten hands in, I limp, as does the button and a few others. Flop is 575r, I bet about $20 into $35. Button and only the button calls. Turn, 575 6, still rainbow. I check, he bets, I raise… he just calls. When he just calls, I’m liking it, so I smoke about $125/$150 on the river. He grumbles, calls. I flip up 89, straight. He flips up his ACES… that he didn’t bet until he had four outs.

I’m somehow sitting on about $550/$650 when Nelly decides it’s time to go back to the Trop. I’m up, but pissed about the $1350 to $300 bull shit. We get to the Trop, check into our room, and I sit pink, deciding I don’t want to play NL at that very moment.

I originally got about $100 ahead in the pink game and my dumb ass kept playing. I’ve got too much NL blood in me to play correctly at pink, especially when everyone else is playing so… …. so… so much like they tend to play in the pink game.

I end up getting a good $400 stuck in the game. I hear chips shuffling in the distance, and decide I want to play $2/$5 NL again. I trade my pink for green, red and white, and sit with about $250/$350 in the $2/$5 game. I only folded about four hands before I looked down at a “real hand.” I grabbed a green and a red, tossed ’em into the pot, and one guy in the blinds made it $60. Hmm. I opted to call. Flop comes down KQx, two diamonds. Dumb mother fucker checks. I am most assuredly checking behind. Turn, pairs the queens, but now there’s three diamonds out there. He now decides he wants to bet, $75 into $125. I am fairly convinced he does not have a boat, and he only has some dogshit one pair like AA. So I raise, to about $200. He goes all-in for not more than $150 more. I ponder, pray he doesn’t have the boat, and call. Sure enough, he’s got that dogshit I was talking about. But he doesn’t have the Ad! My Td2d “real hand” stacks him, and I’m sitting good.

Few hands later, kid in the cut-off raises, I call from the sb. Flop is K65, two diamonds. I bet out about $45 into $60, he instapushes about $200/$250. I … instacall with a set of sixes. He says “wow, nice bet.” I never asked to see his hand, but I did like the way his chips looked in front of me.

Guy UTG raises, gets a few callers, I make $100 from the BB, he re-raises about $150 more… all preflop. I tell him nice hand, show my QQ, and fold. Makes me wish I had just called, but maybe then the flop comes J high and I lose more chips anyway.

New guy comes to the table. There’s a limped pot. Flop is something like 236, two little hearts. He bets out, I raise, he just calls. Turn is the 236 9, three hearts now. He bets out $125 into what is not atleast $150 pot. I say something about that being a stupid card, and just call. River is a face card, non heart. He makes the same $125 bet. I grab five quarters, and toss ’em to his side of the table, pretty sure I’m beat, but too stupid to fold due to the size of the pot.

He says “Is a flush good?” I say “way good.” He says, “I don’t have a flush.” And he straight mucks his cards. I show my turned set of nines, take the pot.

Guy on my right busts out a few hands later, and I move out of the ten and into the nine seat. Another new guy comes to the table as does another, and these guys are looking to buy chips. I’ve got well over $1400 in front of me, and the rack is very light. I start selling reds for purples and then reds for cash. At one point one of the new guys raises pf, I just call, as do several others. Flop is J36, two spades. He bets, I raise (alot). He moves all-in. Poop. Ah fuck, I call. He says do you have a set? I say “no.” He’s real proud of his AJ, tptk, back door flush draw. I say, “oh.” I show my kings. Dude turns a flush draw just to make me sweat, but my kings hold.

At this point I’ve got $500 cash and a purple chip mixed in with over $800 in reds in my stack. I tell the table and the dealer that I’m going to the window for change. The pink game is right by the window and I say hi to Nelly as I’m walking up there. I walk away from the window with two racks of red and the pink players have got to be atleast a little confused if they’re paying attention.

It’s about 2am, and I haven’t been in the $2/$5 game for more than 3 hours, and I’m sitting on well over $1800. I’m spota play the $750+$60 tournament at the Borgata starting at 11AM, so I need to get some sleep pretty soon. I tell Nelly that she should come play “mean girlfriend” around 0245, and tell me I must go to bed.

Before I can get there, a very tight older gentleman makes it $25 pf. Decent player on his left calls. Kid that doubled me up when I flopped my set of sixes makes it $75. I fold, kid two to my left cold-calls the $75. Gets back to the old man, and he says “ok, I call.” Dude to his left is looking at a $255 pre-flop pot, that he only has to call $50 more to see the flop with. So he calls. Flop is T88, two diamonds, and tight old man leads out $100. Dude on his left opts to just call. Brilliant. Kid raises to $200.

Now, in many cases, in a $1/$2 NL game, at $200 bet is not going to called by many hands. But at this stage in the pot, there’s $605 in the pot, plus $100 raise. What the hell is that kid thinking, raising $100 more??? But it gets worse. Old man correctly folds for the $100 more. Dude in front of the kid then decides to raise $465 more, all in.

Kid somehow calls (when he’s got the dude covered) with just aces.

Yeah, the guy flopped a boat with T8. But on the turn, a Jack rolls off, and the old man had yacks! Good thing the kid’s an idiot and thought his aces were good!

I finally leave the table at 0245 with a little over three and a half racks. I walk past the pink game, gloat a little, and say something about “why do I ever play limit?”

Cashed out, went to bed pretty happy.