There was a little $40 tournament at the Fish Tank last night, but I’ve just been so beat up from the weekend that I decided to stay home and catch up on some rest. I don’t do too well in low buy-in tournaments, anyway.

Saturday played at the SHOP, got home around 3AM, up at 10:30AM to tour around DC.
Sunday played at the Fish Tank until a little after 5AM, went to work a little before 8AM.
Monday night went to see Oddzar, still tired at work on Tuesday.

So yeah, I needed to catch up. Feeling much better today, good thing, too. Planning on leaving mid-day tomorrow to head towards AC. Going to try out the $750+$60 tournament at the Borgata on Saturday. It’s got a very nice two-day structure. Little awareness and luck, I might even do well in the damned thing.