Last I left off, I talked about racing home Monday morning to get Keenan’s car home in time. Since then, went to Pops’s new every-other Tuesday tournament. He accidentally caught 25 players on a random Tuesday night. $90+$10 tourny, first place as a little over $1100. I played pretty well in the beginning, then I raised up some yacks, bet a nine-high board, only caller pushed, about a pot-sized raise.

I called, he popped up his nut flush draw, tagged it on the turn, I was drawing dead. I had him covered, but barely. Either very next hand or the one after that, E raised, I banged it with 4h3h, he called with 99, I flopped a wheel, doubled up. Few hands later, I got it all-in pre-flop with Ts8s against Aces. I flopped two pair, he rivered a set. Best hand held up.

Keenan somehow ended up getting to heads up, and forgot how to chop. $600 difference between first and second, and he tries to play it out. Other guy overcomes the chip disadvantage, and makes Keenan remember how to chop.

Wednesday, did a whole lot of nothing, I think.

Thursday – my Birthday!