After 18-23 hours at the poker table, you’re judgement tends to be a little skewered, at best. I finished Saturday night in time to make it up to my room just before 8PM. Oh, wow, so this is what my room looks like? I’ve stayed at the Tropicana plenty of times before, but on this particular trip, the room was checked-in to on Fri afternoon by Anne. It was now over 30 hours later, and I was seeing it for the first time. I had been awake since 7AM Friday morning. I love the action provided by the Friday and Saturday Night crowd in Atlantic City, so I set a wake-up call for 11PM, three hours should be enough time for a nap, non?

I vaguely remember the hotel phone ringing. I distinctly remember being tired as hell, and just loving the relaxation of lying in the bed. Slept until about 10AM Sunday morning. I was mildly upset that I missed out on the Saturday Night action, but figured it was for the best. Last thing I needed was to go down and throw a $1600 party after winning all that cash the previous session.

Got down to the poker room and decided I’d sit in the Pink Game for a minute. I’d call it poker, but that’s just the general rules they use to determine who gets the pot. The play has very little to do with poker. It’s called “The Pink Game” because you play with stacks and towers of $2.50 chips. You’ve seen these before, you put up $25 on a hand of BlackJack, you nail it, first two cards, 21… that pays 3:2… but how are you going to pay out $0.50? Easy, that’s what the Pink Chips are for!

Someone decided it would be fun to play a limit game with these chips, betting limits of three (chips) and six (chips). Think of it as two-and-half times as pricey as playing $3/$6 Limit Hold’Em. But with the Pink Game, and $15/$30, and just about all games above $3/$6 where it’s three and six chip betting, the blinds are two and three chips, not one and three. That one extra chips tends to add soooooo much more action.

Short buy is 5 big bets ($75). Good luck if you come in to the game with that much. Lady Poker recommends buying in for two racks ($500), and she’s got the right idea. I came in relatively short for only $200, just wanted to play some hands poorly and have it only cost me $200 overall while I was waking up, instead of diving straight into NL, and have it possibly costing me my stack the first hand I sit down.

And play poorly I did indeed!

Won the first pot in which I paid to see the turn, but other than that, kept bleeding away chips. Got really short, raised UTG. Folded around to the button, he three bets. Blinds fold, I just call, heads up to the flop. T76r, I check. Button checks? He had three-bet me pre-flop? Turn, irrelevant card, I bet. Button raises. I three-bet. Button says “raise.” I say “dude, I’m all-in?” He mumbles and expletive, leaves his raise in the pot, and mucks on the turn with me all-in.

I very rarely show a bluff, but I knew I’d be leaving the table soon enough. So after being sure his hand was dead, I flipped up 8c3c (no flush draw) and said “Glad I raised, good fold, the straight was coming.”

Sometime in the midst of the $15/spin roullette wheel we call the Pink Game, I got on the list for a new $1/$2 NL table. Table was eventually called, I grabbed the eight seat. An older gentleman that I recognized as a regular had the four seat, other than him, just a fresh bunch of faces. This guy plays alot of $2/$5, and he knows what he’s doing at a $1/$2 game. He’s a decent player, but I’ve seen him mix it up. I decide immediately that I’ll just stay out of his way.

I played rather well for the first few hours. Limped my sb after several others limped in. Flop was AT8, two spades. I bet $10 into $10, got called in atleast two spots. Turn was a non-spade low card, I think I bet $45 at this point, called again in atleast two spots. River, Ace paired, no-flush, no straight on board. I lead-out $75 from the sb, one of my callers called me. Other guy had missed his flush, folded. I flipped up tens full (TT), guy had AQ and never raised throughout the whole hand.

Feeling pretty good about myself after this hand. Sitting on the previous session’s win and only in the day for about $300 after giving away about $100 in the Pink Game and buying into this table for $200. After my tens full, I had about $400 in front of me.

I saw a few too many flops (and turns, and rivers) and got myself in trouble. Got down, went up, got down, went up.

Couldn’t get much of anything going. Wasn’t very fond of the table, or my image, or my play. Tournament was starting at 1915, and I pondered playing it. Around 1905/1910, I found myself at just about even, little better. Racked out real quick and said to myself “screw it, I’ma play this tournament.”

Paid my entry fee, got a seat, cashed out my chips. Grabbed a cigarette real quick before the tourny started. Did a funds assessment. I had well over $2000 on me AFTER buying in to the tournament for $100+$25. I came up to AC with like $1500, and had since spent money on gas, food, etc. As far as I was concerned, this tournament was a FREE ROLL! And boy howdy did I ever play it like one.

I came back from my cigarette and they had started. T4,000 to start, blinds are 50/100 first level. Odd. Only 80 players. Bummer. First hand I get is AhJh, I raise, everyone folds.

Table is too tight, let’s loosen it up. I limp Jh5h. Four or five of us see the flop. It’s something like AT7, two hearts. I bet, get min-raised, I just call. Turn, 8. I check, raiser bets. I go all-in. Not a small raise, but the guy does have me well covered.

He calls with top pair, six kicker (gut shot). I miss 12 outs, and out of the tournament in maybe five hands, never even posted a big blind.

Ha! It was fun, though.