Last week, Monday or Tuesday night, Anne came over to the apartment and left with Keenan and Nelly to go out bowling. Keenan somehow managed to bowl a 162. Last time I went with him, he was hard-pressed to break 100. Odd.

Irrelevant, when they came back to the apartment, Anne says to me “Are you going to AC this weekend?” I had been thinking about it, I rarely object to it. “I’ve got a room, Fri & Sat – but I just found out I have to leave early Saturday morning. If you could give me $100 up front, then you can use the room.” $100 for two weekend nights in the casino that I’ll be playing deal? Sweet. Took $100 out of my pocket right then and there and set my thinking wheels in motion.

I get a paycheck every other Thursday now from this new job I’ve been doing. It’s officially part time, paid by the hour, but I’m working right around the full 40 hours / week. Friday morning, I cashed the check through Keenan and his bank, and I was sitting on way too much cash for me to take straight to Atlantic City.

Keenan elected to fly to Detroit last weekend, so I dropped him off at the metro right near work around 1430/1500 that Friday, and I proceeded to drive to the apartment to leave some “just in case” money at home. After leaving $600 in the apartment, grabbing $200 for an unsettled debt, and leaving a little over $800 for Nelly, I still had over $1400 to take up to AC to play some poke’.

I had to stop by E’s spot in New Carrolton before going up to AC. What a pain in the ass that drive was. It was bad enough that it was approaching rush hour in DC on a Friday, now I was going to drive down the beltway a bit, to have to backtrack.

I left E’s around 1600 and the gas tank was looking a little scary in Keenan’s car that he so generously let me borrow for the weekend drive. I figured I could make it pretty far up I-95 before I had to refill. And even then, I’d only have to get a few gallons before filling up for much cheaper in New Joisey.

Traffic was horrendous, which didn’t help out the gas situation much. I was on the road for a good 90 minutes just barely get to the outskirts of Baltimore. I finally forced myself to pull off at Baltimore Travel Plaza and find some fuel. Put $10 in the tank, proceeded North.

After Baltimore, traffic had lightened quite a bit, but was still sketchy in spots. Big Syd taught me a nice route when head to AC from DC. Get on NJTP North, take the exit for 168, Blackhorse Pike. 168 goes through a small town in Joisey, got a Wawa, and every other business is owned by a guy named Pete. We call it Peteville, even though that’s not the real name. It’s a good stopping point to get gas, grab a sandwich, grab cigarettes, whatever. Once your’re there, only about 53 miles from your destination.

Took me three and a half hours just to get to Peteville on Friday. Longer, if you consider the fact that I had pretty much been driving since 1445 when Keenan and I left work.

Gassed up, headed for the Trop Poker Room. Arrived at the casino shortly before 2100. Did the standard parking garage routine. Just kept driving higher until I got to a floor with a spot near the elevator. Don’t know why people spread out just to be on a lower level. Does it really matter what level, so long as you’re near the elevator?

Went down to the poker room and there was no list for $1/$2 NL. Got seated straight away. Hoopes (the floor man) sat me on the high side right next to a $2/$5 NL game with a $5/$10 NL game behind that. One guy at my new table had three racks in front of him. Bottom rack had a row of green with four rows of red, second rack was all red, and top rack had about three rows of red.

For those of you lacking in color coordination and math skills, that’s about $1700 in the racks. And this is $1/$2 NL!

I had brought $180 in red and $20 in white to the table, sat down, and buckled up for the ride.