Went to Pops’s game on Saturday. I was kinda getting lucky, but also playing pretty well. Keenan finally got in the game, and sat immediately to my left. I kept track, I had raised pre-flop, and he had re-raised. I gave the bastard $70 calling him with inferior hands, missing the flop, and check-folding. Few hands in, bunch of limpers, Launtz raises, everyone calls. $100 in the pot pre-flop. Checks to Launtz, he checks. I make two pair w/ 87 on a QT87 board. I bet $50 into $100, Keenan ships it immediately. Folds back to me. Pot is now $200 plus Keenan’s $67. I was pretty sure I was drawing dead and Keenan had a set, either TT or QQ, but on the off chance he really liked his one-pair, or had a big draw, I called anyway. I was right, I was drawing dead.

I rebuild, get my stack up over $450. I’m only in for one buy in ($200, so I’m really not doing that bad). GeorgiaAve limps, I make it $8. One of the blinds calls, GeorgieAve calls, they both check-dark the flop, so I bet $20 dark into $25. Flop is 842, two spades. Peter (GeorgiaAve) Check-raises me $50 more. I was praying he had a flush draw, positive he didn’t have a set. I re-raised, a lot. He went all-in, I barely had him covered and made a terrible call. Turn 9, river 9. He flopped two little pair (he says), and My Kings and nines takes downa $1060 pot. Nice eight outer going to the river.

Pete’s really bitter, deservedly so… he’s done for the night.

Karma got the best of me, I played like a dumb ass a bit, ran my stack down to $800 in a hurry.

Pops finally gets in the game. Steve’s on my right, makes it $7 from middle/late. I call, pops calls… bunch of others see the flop. About $35/$40 in the pot, pops bets $20 on a KdTs4d flop. Steve makes it $40. I figure pops has a draw, and Steve does not have my K4 two pair beat, I raise. Pops goes all in for only $50 more. Steve folds. I call. Turn is a black ten. Fuck. River, black nine. Pops has QdJd, hits one of his $15 outs. I knew he had a draw, but I didn’t think it was that strong.

Couple hands after that, Steve limps UTG, I do, Keenan does, it’s a limp fest. Flop is 8h6h4d. Steve bets $15, I make it $40, Keenan takes it up to $90. Folds back to me, I make it $150 more. Keenan says “call.” Just so happens he’s got $3 left. On the turn, Turn is a non-heart face card. I say $500. He calls his $3. River, an irrelevant card. He flopped a set, I flopped the nut straight w/ 75o. Steve had limped JJ and got away from it.

After I cleaned out Keenan and got most of the checkers back I had lost to Pops, I told Pops he was forgiven for his monster draw.

I had loaned out $400 to two other players that night, so my board was $600, but I was only in for $200 myself. I had a good $750 or so in front of me after flopping that straight. We got short handed, and the game started to look like it was going to break shortly around 2/2:30am.

Second-to-last hand of the night, I have the rock, Lance limps, I have a random $16 in my hand, so I make it $16 more ($20). Lance makes it $40. I decide it’s a good time to look at my hand. A real hand… pocket fours. Flop is K98. I check, Lance checks. (I didn’t mention that I called pre-flop, but you didn’t think I was gonna fold, did you?)

Lance checked behind? Why? AQ? QQ?

Turn, board is K98T, one flush draw. I check. He bets $40 into $80. I’m confused. I put him all-in for $120 more or so. He calls w/ a set of Kings, I’m drawing dead. Toss my hand in the muck. Game breaks very next hand and I’ve got $532 in front of me. $600 board with the loans, so I take $70 out of my pocket and get $2 from pops… but now atleast I’ve got $400 coming to me.

Such a silly game.