I did indeed lack the will power to stay out of the game. After several up and down swings, managed to pull out a nice double-up and then some.

There were a few hands that I played absolutely terribly in both directions. One hand, I flopped the nut flush against a rather aggressive player that had raised pre-flop, check-called his bet on the flop in an attempt to trap. I figured he had a strong hand, but little did I know he flopped a set of kings! If I had check-raised or led out with a bet, we probably could have gotten alot more money in the pot. A fourth heart came on the turn and he surrendered his set.

There were two other hands I played poorly in the opposite direction, dumping over $100 in each. The first, I raised a suited ten, flopped a pair of tens w/ my flush draw. I check-called both flop and turn, because it was against the same set of kings player, and I knew he’d (correctly) not let go of his better hand. To make matters worse, he made top two on the turn, and I had to stomach a pot-sized bet for what I thought was 14 outs, but was really only 11.

It’s always fun to lose $100 or more in a hand that you never should have been involded in to start.

All said and done, I caught aces four times and only got all of my chips in the middle on a fold draw one time. We’ll discuss the fold draw at a later time.

There’s a game tonight a few minutes down the road, but first… we must go see the new Ice Age movie.